Watertight Planter
Watertight Planter

Watertight Planter


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All of the orders are freshly cut and prepared, this helps to ensure that they reach you in the best possible condition.

All of the hoops (metal bands) are pinned so that they won’t drop off.

We also recommend that they are filled as soon as possible or stored somewhere cool if they are not to be used immediately this will help them from drying out.

As the barrels have been used for holding whisky they do have used marks.

This planters can be used for small water features as they are water tight.

But you must fill them with water as soon as possible so they remain water tight, if they have dried out a small bit they will leak if so the water should swell the wood and stop any small leak.

Dimensions : 63cm diameter x 38cm height approximately (25″ x 15″).

Weight approximately 25kg each.